UK Snowboard Freestyle courses


2 day course Times 9-5 Both days

1 day course Times 9-5

Half day courses Times Morning session 9-12.30 Afternoon session 1.30-5

Prices include the highest level of coaching and slope time

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This course aims to help you take your first steps into freestyle. Whether you have been riding for a while or just a short time as long as you can happily ride down the slope, then
this course if for you. We believe that, to learn and get the most from your riding you need to feel relaxed and at ease. We will endeavor to provide an open and friendly environment
where your skills will flourish. You will be in a group of people of the same ability and we will use video analysis to give constructive feedback.
Course structure.

Definition work on an individual basis so you will receive feedback specific to you own riding.

On our courses we do take any level of park riding from never been in the park to budding Pro.

2 day course

Day 1 – Morning: Flat land skills/Performance riding

We will start with learning good technique for freestyle, such as stance and posture this is a very important session as the set up is everything in Freestyle. We progress to the rails/boxes with some 50/50′s  (a straight run over the rail).

Day 1 – Afternoon: Tail presses and board slides

We will play on a small rail or box, working on posture and balance, aiming  to achieve a tail press  Progressing from this we will attempt to master a board slide. Again, we will use video analysis to give feedback and capture your best moves!

Day 2 – Morning: Kickers

We will move on to kickers, taking to the air with some straight airs. We will focus on approach techniques and learn how to maintain balance while in the air. Many struggle landing jumps from the Kicker, this course aims not just to demonstrate skills but also teach the fundamentals, so we will teach you how to get to the sweet spot on the landing.


Day 2 – Afternoon: Kickers

We will learn how to pop and as many grabs as possible and then if its all going well look at some 180′s.

Dependent on individual needs and goals, we will progress, taking your freestyle skills to the next level. This course aims to be flexible, so we can give specific coaching and work on individual goals. Definition aims to motivate and challenge everyone.

1 day freestyle courses

Morning will cover rails/boxes. No matter what you level we can help so don’t worry if you have never had a go!!

Afternoon will cover jumps. Open to all levels from never hit a jump to budding pro

Dates: Click the date and course to find the booking form for that session 
SNO!zone Milton Keynes Snowboard freestyle coaching
 No courses planned for 2018 



 No group courses planned for 2018
Private coaching is available 

SNO!zone Castleford-Leeds

Coming soon

Snow Factor Braehead- Glasgow

Coming soon


Here is a video from a day course in Hemel

Hemel 8th box/kicker coaching from Definitioncamps on Vimeo.


To book: Book Online or email

Private coaching is available

Private lessons

Half day coaching only £210

Full day coaching  only £420

These private sessions are for up to 2 people


Uk courses:

If cancel up to 1 week before you can receive a full refund or course transfer.

1 week to 72 hours 50% refund or transfer to another  course.

under 72hrs notice no refund or transfer of courses.

If you need further assistance on the course please contact us before booking on to see if we can provide the service needed.

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